India macsun oral history

June 19, 2016

In the beginning of 2012 to match the regular collection boxes. For this I contact the people who gather matches around the world, including in macsun dealer, auction house, and many others.

The hobby of collecting matches often happens is that I identify a particular age or sector, it is found that box and that my curiosity era that is moving from the sector and which matches sale have been.

I recently under the care of an exhibition titled ‘matches and stories “written on them in the presented five samples from more than 25 thousand macsun treasures.

The UAE matches

E macsn He was the first Indian company to start using sulfur in the stitching. They were made in factories in Mumbai and Gujarat, and they’re fighting to make matches II.

Wimco matches Co.

The company was exporting its matches in Arab countries. The company established its first factory at Amber Nath state. Wimco who make very few matches of the Indian names, but was the most badbanun the old boat on the macsun.

The national sentiment matches

Since the popular movement against the partition of Bengal in 1905 was the highlight suadysy or “self-reliance” in the spirit of these matches were made. The boycott of British products in India was to promote local products when they had time. In the late 1920s and 1930s that matches the story of those days of freedom.

Food matches Raja Nagar

It is said that he’s hungry Nagar area of western Gujarat matches during the British Raj had built for its own use. Macsun we do not know much about them as we mentioned in neither the time nor date is no longer possible in this study.

Bollywood’s matches

In the late 1950s macsun also been used to promote films. In some macsun Pakistan to India was also propaganda films these days, including the famous actress and singer Noor Jehan’s ‘dupatta’.

Film actors and actresses on the tradition of images macsun established in India today.